Instant MyEdBC Teacher Support Using AI

Our Goal

In British Columbia we have almost 60 school districts that are all individually providing support to their teachers for MyEdBC. We have developed a way to provide direct and instant responses to many common questions that teachers have using the power of Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. By using this automatic process no support personnel are needed to answer these questions. By pooling resources from across districts, we can have a much more robust and comprehensive support system for teachers that will provide instant answers to their problems - 24 hours a day. See what our team did in the video below:

Who We Are

Our team is currently responsible for providing support and training to over 130 schools across BC for MyEducationBC. We developed this platform to help provide better support to our schools and have decided to make it available to all districts in the province.

How will districts access this system

Here are just some of the ways that teachers will be able to access answers to their questions:


You can have a simple pop-up chatbot that teacher and type their questions and get answers. See an Example here

Website EmbedDING

You can embed the chatbot directly into your district's website, portals, sharepoint, etc.

Text Message

This can be set up so that teachers can just text a phone number and get the answers directly to their phone.


This can be set up so that teachers can use facebook messager to ask questions and receive answers


You could set up a email address that teacher email to and they would get a automatic response with the answer


Or you can have direct API access to the answers to that you can intergrate it with any system you can imagine.

District Pricing

The following pricing is for your whole district to have access to this technology.


Below is the basic timeline that we are going to be following to launch this for all districts.


If you would like more information or would like to discuss how we can assist your district please contact us by:

Email: info@myedbc-ai.comPhone: (778) 786-1277